SuperXpos Retail

SuperXpos technologies are enabling new sources of revenue from the dispenser to the store.  By connecting you to advertisers, you can grow revenue without adding inventory or selling more products. We can provide "smart suggestion" customized upsell opportunities by leveraging cloud computing to determine appropriate product promotions based on what your customer is buying.

Monitor your stores live
Keep an eye on everything in your store from your phone

Easy inventory management

Quickly setup your pricebook
Take control of your cash

Save labor with SuperXpos  through improved end-of-day procedures. Reconcile your cash with external transactions, such as credit cards, coupons, and store deposits. This information then flows from store to home office, saving time and eliminating double-entry errors. Throughout SuperXpos, security is a priority. SuperXpos allows you to make sure only those who should have access to certain menus and reports have access.

Manage your managers

With  SuperXpos  innovative and intuitive Manager’s Task List, you can ensure all the correct information is being transferred to and from stores and home office. Push price changes out to stores and pull inventory and sales information into the home office. Check for open checkouts, and manage your period and shift inventory counts. Make sure you have the data you need, when you need it, to make the right decisions.

Integrate your stores and home office

SuperXpos allows tasks that required physical records at the store level to be reentered at the home office to be electronically captured and sent to the home office. Enter invoices, employee work hours, and inventory counts to have that information flow through to payables, payroll, and general ledger. This saves on travel time to and from stores and eliminates errors and paper waste. In addition to information flowing from stores to the home office, the home office can push information out to the stores electronically. Price changes flow from the home office to the store.

Inventory Control
Stay on top of your Inventory

SuperXpos allows you to manage inventory by item level, retail/cost by department, or both at the same time! This allows you to closely monitor key merchandise and manage the rest by exception. Receive electronic invoices from vendors by item, by retail/cost by department, or both. Check invoices against actual items received and request credit memos from vendors for discrepancies. Save time and money across stores as this data moves electronically to the home office.
Optimize your Inventory

SuperXpos delivers a series of reporting and dashboard tools to help you understand your product mix and act accordingly. Decide which items remain on your shelves, and which items don’t make it into the store. Which items turn over more quickly than others? Are items priced incorrectly, either not moving as quickly or not earning the gross margins that they could? Leverage your sales and purchases history to make informed decisions on how to maximize your floor space. But what about products you’ve yet to consider?

With SuperXpos, you aren’t limited to making decisions based on internal data. SuperXpos allows you to store, cross reference, and track NACS categories alongside your own. Compare your performance with industry performance.
Control your shrink

SuperXpos analyzes POS and inventory data to ensure that you’re receiving your margins on every item leaving your stores. Use physical inventory counts to identify high-risk merchandise and begin tracking these at item level while conducting the more frequent shift physical counts. This sends a clear message to customers and employees that you’re paying attention to your merchandise, but without incrimination. Combine these procedures with powerful reporting tools, and you’ll be able to quickly identify problem employees and customers and take proper action.